RBX Stocker

Find your items in seconds! Our service will help you maintain your Roblox inventory so you dont have to! Are you sick of looking for your items when you get a sale? It doesn't have to be that way anymore with RBX Stocker!

Supported Games

Adopt Me
Overlook Bay
Breaking Point
Bid Battles
Da Hood

World Zero

Bot Clash

Royale High

Trade Tower

Murder Mystery 2

Mining Simulator

Mining Simulator 2

Minion Simulator

Pet Simulator X

Blox Fruits

Grand Piece Online

Pet Rift

Club Roblox

Griffins Destiny

Sword Factory X

Overlook Bay 2

Multiple Roblox Games!

Multi-Game Stock Counter, View all games supported here.

Interactable Control Panel

View your total stock, Find the accounts that your stock is on with the click of a button!,

UNC Supported!

Our stock counter script is UNC Supported! Use any executor that supports UNC to keep track of your stocks!

Trader Feeds Discord Invite

RBX Stocker is a premium Roblox stock tracker, Keep track of all your stock in once place, Find your stock with ease!


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