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Our focus is keeping tabs on roblox inventory to ease the struggles of keeping track of how many you have in total and finding items when a sale happens, Our service requires that you have a roblox executor that is UNC supported to execute our stock counter script aswell as vaild API key (Receive this once you purchase a plan!).

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Update your stocks, View your stocks and Find your stocks in seconds! Dont waste time loading account after account, Just use RBX Stocker!


Our library of supported games will always continue to expand, If were missing a game let us know and we will add it!

API Access

Using our API you can update your stocks for any supported games! and request an encode json file of your stocks for external usage like your own website!

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RBX Stocker is a premium Roblox stock tracker, Keep track of all your stock in once place, Find your stock with ease!


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