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Our platform doesn't need your roblox cookie or password! When you register on RBX Stocker you are signed a "secret" key and a "bearer" key, Using these keys you can access our api and by doing so you can upload your many alts inventories to RBX Stocker and view all your goods in seconds!, We also allow people to request information from our api. What you do with that information is upto you however can be applied todo many diffrent things 1 example being able to generate random item packages, We currently only send information in json format this may change in the future. A list of games we support and track inventories for are below aswell as what each limit on RBX Stocker means. Thanks for reading and welcome to RBX Stocker!

Supported Games

Adopt Me

Overlook Bay



More games coming soon!

Pending Limits

Pending limits are ONLY for removed accounts, Since we offer the ability to remove your accounts from our database to prevent abuse with our system we take note of how many items the account has before we remove it we then create a new data record for the removed account with an expiry date of 30 days, Once 30 days has passed since you removed your account the pending limits for that account will be deleted from our records and in return will reduce your overall accounts and items limits allowing you to replace that account with a diffrent account if you have reached your limits.

Account Limit

Account limit is the amount of accounts we will enter into our database reaching this limit will prevent the account from being submited to the database, If you had membership and it ran out while u had more then 5 (the free limit) we wont remove instead we will only show you your first 5 accounts, same applies to updating accounts item acount we will only allow the first 5 accounts in our record to be updated, attempting to update an already added account that acceeds the 5th account will result in a failure to submit.

Item Limit

Item limit works in-align with account limit, If you have reached your account limit but not your items limit we allow you to continue adding items on those 5 accounts. However IF you reach example (500 [free plan] Items) with less then 5 accounts attempting to add another account will fail due to the fact that there is no room to add items for that account. If subscription expires we will only display upto 500 items for the first 5 accounts found in our record.

Post Limit

Post limit only applies when you have successfully submitted data to our site and we proccessed it, Failure's wont increase your post count. An example of this is if you are using our free plan (5 accounts, 50 post), you can submit a post for each account 10 times per month. It is not restricted to 10 per account, you could use all 50 post on 1 account. Your post count resets at the start of each month regardless of when your plan started.

Request Limit

Request limit applies only when you are requesting information for your stocks OUTSIDE our website. viewing/searching your stock on our website has no effect on your request count. Request are reserved for paying users only and also reset at the start of each month!

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